To Catch a Predator

So for the last week or so, Matt has been trying to convince me that the dateline series (where they lure predators to a house where they think they are going to have sex with a child) is bad. Not cause the pervs are good, but because it violates rights. Well tonight I was flipping channels and it was on again. This time with an added twist. After the perv was arrested, they were taken back to the stationhouse and interrogated. These interrogations were shown on the show. How are these admittedly sick individuals supposed to get a fair trial if potentially inadmissible interrogation is aired on national TV? I have no problem with these sting operations that get these sickos off the street, but turning it into entertainment is not right. Airing interrogations is even worse.


Squishy Burrito said...

I wonder how much of a deterrent those Dateline shows really are since the one we saw had men who mentioned the program in their internet conversations with the young girls they were trying to get with.

It is for that reason I don't really like the idea of "outing" these pervs for entertainment value rather than for legal purposes.

I wonder if there is a way to determine if the show actually helps reduce the rate of internet hookups with young girls. If so and it showed that it did I would be all for it. If not, than we don't really need to see some loser tell a reporter he's not a loser and he has a family and kids.

warm fuzzy said...

good point, squishy! I think the show has also become a bit of joke. It is on all the time and even Panda and I laugh at the commercials. Believe me, if I'm laughing at "news show" connected to sexual preditors, the show is probably not having its intended affect on viewers.

That said, if it is catching a**holes and deterring them from going on-line, then I'm all for it.

Arfanser said...

The problem I have is that if the show is exposing people fine, but these people should be in jail. If the show is impairing the ability of the prosecutor to put them in jail then it shouldnt be on. If these guys get right out and end up doing it again that serves no purpose.