Trial Tactics

So for the end of my clinic this morning I went to watch a trial in federal court. I sat through an hour and a half of direct examination of the plaintiff who was a former cop who was suing for wrongful termination. He sounded like he had a decent claim, then came the cross examination.

First, he failed a urinalysis.

Second, he had been written up twice for failure to take care of evidence as the evidence officer.

Third, he started telling other cops that a cop on the drug task force was selling, two weeks after that cop had busted the plaintiff's cousin for dealing meth.

All of a sudden it didnt sound like he had such a good case anymore.



So last night in my trial class the professor asked us how it was going getting jurors. The other five people in the class had come up with a total of four. I said that I could get as many as needed. At a break I got on my phone and called up some of my friends to ask them to be jurors. Everyone I talked to was willing to help me out. When I reported back that I had all of the jurors my side needed the other people in my group were fluxomed that I had been able to find people that quickly, and that I could find people at all. Since then I have realized that I have been very blessed here at school with good friends. Since most of you read this blog I thought I would just say thanks for being good friends.

Tax Class 2

So today I started studying for my tax final. Imagine my pleasant suprise when I realized I already understood old colony trust, benaglia, turner, kowalski, sibla, imputed income, clark, and raytheon. While this is the easiest portion of the class, still I am further along than I had expected.