Book List

This summer the library has a program in which the people who read 10 books during the summer and fill out the card with the names of the books get entered into a drawing for all sorts of prizes, since I just finished number 10 (and 11) I am giving the list. Some of them I have commented on previously but it is a fun trip down memory lane for me. Anyway, here is the list.
1- Douglas Adams The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
2- Ralph Ellison Invisible Man
3- Scott Adams When did ignorance become a point of view
4- Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged
5- Richard Adams Watership Down
6- Willa Cather Death comes for the archbishop
7- Patricia Highsmith The talented Mr. Ripley
8- Soren Kirkegaard Fear and Trembling
9- Patricia Highsmith Ripley underground
10- Patricia Highsmith Ripley's Game
11- Oscar Wilde The picture of Dorian Gray

Before school starts up again I want to finish gargantua and pantagruel, fear and loathing in las vegas, last of the mohicans, for the new intellectual, turn of the screw, and the black tulip. we'll see how that goes.


Off to Camp

So I am off to the weekend of camping. While this is normally not a time to rejoice it does mean that my summer job is over, and that is a good thing. I did enjoy my work there when I had it and the people were great, but now I can focus on getting a real job and starting school again.

On that positive note, I already have one interview set up and another firm has called me to set up an interview, but we havent set on a time yet. Maybe someone will hire me after all.

Also, I had an Oyster po' boy for lunch and while it tasted very good, it is not sitting really well so this could be a fun filled camping trip.


Eel Ice-cream and DNA's DNA

Those were my two favorite stories in the times today. Evidentlyice creammakers have cloned a protien found in artic ell blood that prevents the formation of ice crystals when introduced in the ice cream production process. Think this is a little far out, you should know that you may have already eaten it.

The second article talks about how researchers have discovered why DNA twists where it does. I dont really go in for all that biology stuff (meaning I never learned it so it kind of blows over my head) but it was an interesting article. Evidently these portions of the DNA are the most resistent to evolution as a cow and a vegetable share 100 of 102 molecules.



So the last couple of days I have had nothing to do at work. I started reading the NY times more extensively just to pass time. It was there that I found the quotes that have made up the posts of the last two days.

Quote one was an israeli official explaining why civilians were being bombed in lebanon.

Quote two was the introductory paragraph about a transgendered individual who just finished a book about women and science.

But gosh darn it if they are not just pretty funny quotes.


Perhaps it is inevitable that Ben A. Barres would have strong opinions on the debate over the place of women in science. Dr. Barres has a degree in biology from M.I.T., a medical degree from Dartmouth and a doctorate in neurobiology from Harvard. He is a professor of neurobiology at Stanford. And until his surgery a decade ago, his name was Barbara, and he was a woman.



If you go to bed with a missile, you might wake up with another kind of missile.


My sister

I started to write a post about a political discussion my sister and I had this past weekend. then I realized I where I am sitting and thought maybe I should stay away from filling the blogosphere with my political views while I am occupying the space I am occupying. So maybe I will write about it later maybe not. Either way, pray for me that my computer is not being monitored right now.


Job woes

So I am bored. I spent today at my job sitting on my butt looking out the window. It is a very nice window, and I love the view, but why am I spending 7-8 hours a day in a room looking out a window, not getting paid? The worst part is that it was monday, so I still get to look forward to four more days of looking out the window this week.


New Technology

I read this
  • story
  • a couple of days ago and it blew me away.

    One of my favorite science fiction stories involves people strapping themselves into machines and using the machines to fight each other. I always thought it was quite far fetched but evidently I was wrong. Other than the obvious benefit to people who are paralyzed, this could completely change the way we live our lives, assuming of course that the technology improves. Anyway, just thought you might enjoy reading it.


    Blown away

    Never did I think that I could find an obscure scholarly question that none of my friends could answer. Hooray for kierkegaard.



    I have been reading fear and trembling by kierkegaard. In one of his footnotes he talks about a short poem that ends with the line "a blessed leap into eternity." Does anyone know what poem this is referring to? Since people seem to respond better to contests, the first person that finds the answer for me will win whatever candy they want.


    Dorian Gray

    So my latest book is the picture of dorian gray by oscar wilde. I havent finished it yet, but it has got me thinking. Today I got a gift from my sister. A nice beach towel with a picture of a tiger on it. Now for those of you who dont know, I love tigers. The first thing I said was, this is awesome, I am never going to use it. But then I started to think. If I use it, it will get ruined and faded much more quickly and soon I will not have it anymore. However, if I dont use it, I will rarely see it and not get as much joy from it, but I will continue the joy of possession longer. I know it is a classic case of you cant have your cake and eat it too. So what are you? Are you a haver or an eater? I still havent decided what I am but it is an interesting decision to make. Now this does relate back to Dorian Gray, but you have to read the book yourself to figure out how and why.



    Today I was doing research at work. I found a case called State v. Love. It was a sex crime case.


    Thoughts on Work

    For the first few weeks of my summer job, I thought that I would truly enjoy working at the U.S. attorneys office somewhere down the road. I have lately come to the conclusion that I probably will not. See, I suffer from a unhealthy sense of paranoia. As this summer has progressed I have felt pleased that I am working to put the bad guys in prison for a long time. I feel like I am helping society and that the world is a better place for the work that I do. But when I come home from work I drive down the street and I look at people and I start to wonder. Does my neighbor have a meth lab in his basement, are the guys working on my house terrorists, is the waiter at the restaurant looking to steal an identity? Intellectually I believe that most people are not going to actively take steps to screw over someone else. But I have first hand experience that those people are out there. And with the exception of meth addicts who are still using, they look just like normal people for the most part. So I am starting to believe that my own belief in the goodness of people wont survive working with or against the criminal element for extended periods of time. The good news is that this is just a summer job, and now I know.


    Don't Touch Me

    The wife and I have been shopping for a car these last couple of weeks. Yesterday we went in to get one with the salesman we had been working with. He was with another customer and so we sat down at a table to wait for him. One of the times he walked by me he ran his fingers across my shoulders in a tickling motion and made a sound like a dying duck. I was not quite sure what to make of it. I looked at squishy and she was nearly dying from trying not to laugh. I was more shocked than amused, but we still bought the car from him. But if anyone sees one of those novelty t-shirts that says "Dont Touch Me" buy it for me and I will pay you back. XL. Evidently I need it.