Staple follow up

So as I have talked to people about my staples, I have begun to wonder a couple of things. How exactly do they hold my skin together, and if they bend under on the bottom, how exactly are they going to take them out without ripping out my scalp. Wiki was helpful, but for a diagram that just explained it beautifully, I recommend this site. Warning, there is a video of a guy taking out staples with wire cutters and tweezers at the bottom.


Staples in the head

Squishy has suggested that I share this story.

I came home from work last thursday for lunch. As i was parking in our garage I thought that I ran my car into the side of the garage. I reparked and went to check the damage. It turns out that the people that owned our house before us left and L bracket without shelves on it stuck to the wall. I didn't see it and walked into it. It obviously hurt quite a bit and I leaned against my car waiting for the pain to pass. As I was waiting, blood started dripping down my face and onto my car. I cupped my hand to catch it all, but that was futile so I got squishy to get me a paper towel so I could put pressure on it and stop the bleeding.

I got the bleeding under control and went to take a shower to rinse the blood out of my hair and assess the damage to see if I needed stitches. I decided that I did and had a quick lunch while squishy figured out where our emergency medicine provider was located. (believe it or not I hadn't been there yet). I got in quickly and saw the doctor. He took a look at my head and decided that I needed staples in my head instead of stitches due to the depth. I lay on my back as he pulled out a medical stapler and put three staples in my scalp. I am not sure exactly how to describe the sound, but it was earily similar to the straitline I have in my desk. So now that I have drawn out the story I can tell you that pictures are at the bottom of this and so go no further if you are squeemish.

I dont have pictures of the staples yet, but with enough popular demand I will post them. With this one all you can see is lots of blood and my hair is thinner.


I am voting Democrat (Maybe)

So throughout my life I have voted for very few democrats. This is not necessarily because I am republican, but because since I came of age to vote, this country's politics have revolved basically around abortion and gay marriage. since I am closer in view to the republican side of these issues (though by no means 100% on board with their crap). However, for the last 4-5 years I have been a big fan of Barack Obama. The more I have found out about him, the more I like what I hear.

1- He thinks through problems and then comes up with complex answers to complex problems. I am sick of rhetoric that tells us nothing, let alone how a person will handle the responsibilities of the office.

2- He believes that we can make a better world, not just protect ourselves in a crappy one. He thinks that things can get better and tells us that.

3- He calls it as he sees it, regardless of what the party line is.

I do not see this election as war v. no war or even about the issues at all, I see this election as a question of do we as a nation have the guts to still hope for something better. I want to, and there is only one candidate in any party that gives me that option. So I hope that those who vote in the Democratic Primary to give me a chance to vote for a Democrat and hope.