What I learned on jury duty

First, thanks to those of you who have commented on the previous post. I do appreciate the suggestions.

Second, I have been busy the last two days with jury duty. After 5 hours of sitting and waiting I finally got called to a jury panel. I thought for sure I would sit on the jury cause I think I am pretty openminded, and mine was one of the first numbers called so I was in the first twelve and so unless I disqualified myself I would be on unless a party struck me.

So we go through voir dire, and I stay quiet for the most part. Then they ask if any of us have ever been accused of a crime etc. So I raise my hand and tell them that I was accused of disturbing the peace, but the charges were dropped.

Then they ask if any of us have visited someone in jail or written to someone in jail. I told them that I visited a client in a 1983 action in jail, and that I wrote to two women who I was helping petition for clemency for murdering their abusers. The prosecutor then asked if I had ever considered working for the other side, and I told them that I spent a summer in the US attorneys office. They asked what and I told them that I basically just prosecuted meth cases. That was all I talked about.

When we went out in the hall I was sure that I would get put on the jury. Nope. I get a thank you, go home.

So who cut me? I can't be sure. If it was the prosecutor, I am a little offended because there were some real nut jobs on that jury panel. If it was the defense attorney, it was because I was too much of a wild card. Either way I am a bit saddened because I think I would have been a good juror, and I would have actually gotten to see jury deliberations which would have been nice. Oh well. It will never happen again.


Arf's Life

So I am in a unique position right now. Since starting school my goal was to get a job. I didnt really care what job as long as I made enough money to pay for my family. But since I have failed in the blindly searching for a job, I have decided to take some time and decide what kind of law I want to do. I have always loved appellate work, but it just doesnt hold the same appeal (ha ha) to me anymore. Here is where you come in. What area of law do you think I should pursue? And no matter how much you love it fishy, the answer is not tax.