Movie Night

So the other night I watched highschool musical with squishy. I knew I was in for a long night when the first choice I had to make was whether or not we should watch the sing along version.


Gulliver's Travels

So I finished the book Gulliver's Travels. For those of you who haven't read it, there is a 5 or 6 page rant about lawyers toward the end that is incredibly funny. It talks about how if people sue each other the law suit will not end until the two parties dont have any more money, and then the judge will dismiss the case without deciding it. The whole purpose of lawyers is to get rich off of other peoples misfortunes. They are the leaches of human society. I was actually amused because of the depth of the authors aparent loathing.

Oh and I am studying reallllllllllly hard for the bar.



I heard a rumor today that a person with whom I didnt ever really interact, but bugged me whenever we had classes together failed his clinic and didnt graduate yet. Maybe you all already knew it, but it surprised me quite a bit.


Denver and TB

Look more bad diseases. link Sorry it is a few days late, but we have so many diseases here I am having trouble keeping up.