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When I was learning spanish, I decided that since I was in a location in which there were people learining basically every language imaginable I would learn one phrase in every language I could. The phrase I chose was "Shut up and kiss me." Thanks to babelfish I am listing that phrase in many different languages in case any of you are traveling soon and think it will come in handy.
Dutch- sluiten-op en kus me
French- fermez--vers le hautet embrassez-moi
German- schließenSie und küssen Sie mich
Greek- κλείνω-επάνω και με φιλήστε
Italian- chiudalo -in su e baci
Portuguese- feche-me -acima e beije-
Russian- zakro1te-vverx и расцелуйте меня
Spanish- callate y besame

The problem with babelfish is that it directly translates so use these phrases at your own risk.

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