Denver and the Plague

In keeping with the tradition of posting nytimes articles about the city I am living in at the time (OK I did it one other time) here it is. Denver and the plague

Also in honor of a new friend and her blog, the person who hooded me at hooded me well, here is a link.


Fishy's character reference

I got fishy's character reference for the bar in the mail today. I was momentarily tempted to write all sorts of crazy things, but then realized that he is probably going to get one for me too. The truth is so boring.


The End

Today is my last final. I am a bit melancholy, but I dont know how much of that is having to deal with 4 hours of tax questions. I think it is normal to look back at times like this. I did not think I would ever be at this point. I used to think I would be dead before I reached 20. And lets face it, these last three years have had the fewest trips to the emergency room of any three year period in my life to this point so it wasnt a crazy thought.

I never thought I would be a grownup. But here I am married with 2 kids, and on the cusp of a doctoral level degree.

I never thought that I would go to a school as well regarded as the one I am at, but I am about to graduate and am fairly happy with the way I performed here.

This all sounds like bragging, and maybe it is, but while I am sad that this time is ending, it is ending better than I ever expected. I am looking forward to what the next 28 years bring.