Glass the Middle East

So the idea that we should glass the middle east to get rid of the fighting and make it easier to look for oil has two problems that I have been able to identify. First, in order to make glass, it requires a rapid cooling of the material. So even if we do drop a nuke over there, we have to rapidly cool the area afterward or we will not end up with glass. Maybe if we drag ice from the north pole down to the middle east we can rapidly cool the area.

Second, in order to make clear glass, the sand if purified. Obviously the sand laying on the ground in the middle east is not purified. Colored glass could make it harder for us to find the oil. I think this problem can be solved through a diplomatic endevour to convinve the people over there to purify all of the sand laying around before we drop our nukes.

So our solution is definitely doable with just those two minor obstacles that we can easily overcome...oh yeah, and the murder of the millions of people living there.

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