Book List

This summer the library has a program in which the people who read 10 books during the summer and fill out the card with the names of the books get entered into a drawing for all sorts of prizes, since I just finished number 10 (and 11) I am giving the list. Some of them I have commented on previously but it is a fun trip down memory lane for me. Anyway, here is the list.
1- Douglas Adams The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
2- Ralph Ellison Invisible Man
3- Scott Adams When did ignorance become a point of view
4- Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged
5- Richard Adams Watership Down
6- Willa Cather Death comes for the archbishop
7- Patricia Highsmith The talented Mr. Ripley
8- Soren Kirkegaard Fear and Trembling
9- Patricia Highsmith Ripley underground
10- Patricia Highsmith Ripley's Game
11- Oscar Wilde The picture of Dorian Gray

Before school starts up again I want to finish gargantua and pantagruel, fear and loathing in las vegas, last of the mohicans, for the new intellectual, turn of the screw, and the black tulip. we'll see how that goes.


Fishfrog said...

What did you think of Atlas Shrugged?

Incidently, my list would be:
1. JK Rollings, Chapter 1 of Harry Potter Book 3 (or 4, whichever is the one about the tri-wizarding tourny.... Annti-Blog, care to help? Hello?)

Arfanser said...

I liked atlas shrugged a lot. I agreed with probably 95% of what she had to say. Where I disagree with her, she would say that charitible giving is bad. I say that its my money and I should be able to spend it in any way that I choose, including charitible giving. Also, she doesnt believe in God, and so I obviously disagree with that. Anyway, I thought she did a good job of defining her world and showing the polar extremes as they exist in her definition.

As a side note, the tri-wizard tourny is book 4. If you were waiting for Anti-blog, it would have been a long wait.