Stress is a wonderful thing. It is omnipresent in our modern day lives. I dont know why I think stress is greater in our modern day than in the past. Realistically it seems that being chased all the time by things that want to eat you would be more stressful than worrying about how you do on finals.

Another aspect of stress that I find fascinating is the effects. Stress makes some people get fat, others get skinny. It makes some people get headaches, unusual bowel action, tension in the upper back, tension in the lower back, tension in the legs. Some people perform better with a certain amount of stress, while others fall apart and routine tasks become impossible.

Another crazy thing about stress is the causes. Some people get stress from having to speak in public. Some people have stress from interpersonal relationships. Some people have stress from psychological problems.

So stress manifests itself in different ways, is caused by different things, and seems to increase the safer life gets. I think it best if I move to the wilderness, live naked, and run from bears for the rest of my life.


Fishfrog said...

I thought you were going to be a farmer.

warm fuzzy said...

thinking about all this stress is stressing me out.

Arfanser said...

If I am a farmer then I stress about rain and bugs and mold and market prices and storage and financing etc. Now I am going to run naked from bears.