Happy Bday Matt and more

Happy Birthday Matt is self explanatory.

I believe that one of the reasons that adults are better adjusted than teenagers is that teenagers are forced by the state into situations in which they are forced to interact with every other type of person. As we get older we self select into more and more selective groups. During high school, we are forced to attend classes with every other type of person. We have to do everything from grade their papers to shower with them. We are inherently uncomfortable with these people because they are not like us. Yes, in high school we separate into cliques, but those cliques are not closed off. They are forced to interact with other cliques. As adults, our interaction with people that are not in our self selected group are very limited and brief. I think that high school would be more effective and less traumatic if the students were allowed to choose in middle school: where they attended high school, what they would study, and who they would study with.


Matt said...

First of all, thanks!

Second, with respect to the differing social situations...working makes a big difference in how you socialize. You've got your own social life, but then in addition to that you've got your work social life, which is less intimate.

It's a different scene altogether. It's like the people you talk to who are outside of your own group...you've got work to get done with them, so there's always something to talk about, it's nice.

Squishy Burrito said...

mmm...i don't agree. i became friends with people in highschool, i never would have chosen, because of high school circumstance. school isn't just about reading and writing. its about socializing and learning to socialize. and in life sometimes you have to socialize with people who don't like the same sport as you, the same games, the same musical instruments and may even be smarter or dumber than you.