So the last two days I have not been feeling well. I am planning on going to the clinic tomorrow just to check if it is strep because my throat really hurts and I am very susceptible to strep. I dont tell you this to garner sympathy, no. I tell you this because tomorrow I will have one of my least favorite conversations with a doctor. It goes something like this.

Doctor: "Let's take your temperature. 99.3, a little high, but within normal range."

Me: "Doctor, my normal temperature is 96.8"

Doctor: "Uh-huh." Said as though I couldnt tell the difference between my head and my...you know what.

Why they gotta be such jerks about it? I am going to make sure to cough really hard in his/her face just so they can take their own temperature and then talk to me about normal range.


warm fuzzy said...

Well, maybe you wouldn't have this problem if you weren't such a freak of nature.

feel better :(

Fishfrog said...

Wait. So your natural body temp is 2 degrees lower than a normal human being? You are a wierdo.