The biggest problem with the World

I have decided that the biggest problem with the world is a lack of respect. I do not know how it started, though there has been much speculation on what causes it. I see it everywhere I look. Something that is important to one person (like, I don't know, their safety) is carelessly risked and treated with disdain. Not only that, but if someone slights another person, more often than not the slighted person responds with escalation. One sees it on the roads. One sees it in public gathering places. One sees it on the internet. I do not think we should all agree on everything, but if you have a disagreement with another person, understand that there can be reasoned views and positions on either side of an issue/disagreement. there is no need to be mean and nasty. Respectful discussion and patience can lead to understanding even if agreement is impossible.

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arfanser said...

I take it back, this is just the biggest problem in the US. Still a big problem in the world, but not enough to say its the biggest.