New House

SO buying a new house is incredibly stressful. Even when you find one you like you stop and wonder what they are hiding behind the coat of paint. Just an example, CO has a law that if you cook meth in your house and then sell it, you dont have to tell the buyers if you have had it cleaned by professionals. I dont know how much you know about meth, but you cant clean all that crap out.


Fishfrog said...

You're buying a house??? Is it going to be near your parents or somewhere else in town?

Scarlet Panda said...

It kind of sounds like you might be looking primarily in the areas of town with a lot of meth manufacturing. Perhaps you should rethink that.

arfanser said...

yeah, we are buying a house. we are still early in the process but it is getting done. we are actually not looking at meth houses, it is required in all housing contracts in our new state. The location is in colorado springs. Such a pretty place, easily beats denver and that is saying quite a bit.