I hate paying taxes

The only thing that makes me happy is that I should get all of them back this year again, and then I enter the wonderful world of deductions for mortgage interest. That should be good, so maybe I shouldnt look at it as paying taxes but as getting my money back in April without any interest, and subject to the whims of congress and the IRS. Yeah.


Scarlet Panda said...

When I got my pay stub yesterday, I was surprised to discover a line for "MD state withholding." Apparently my DC-based employer is taking Maryland taxes out of my paycheck for work that I am doing in Texas, as a Texas resident.

I'm generally pretty ok with taxes, but that seems unreasonable. I hope it is a clerical error.

Also, I just noticed that "texas" is an anagram of "taxes."

Fishfrog said...

When I got my pay stub yesterday, I went to my secretary and told her that I was upset at how much "The Man" had stolen from me. She replied, "I don't feel sorry for you." We both had a good laugh. Obviously I have no problem with paying taxes. It is the price I pay for living in a well-functioning society. And as an attorney, I make plenty of money whether or not forty percent of my gross pay is redirected to provide services to my fellow man and me from the state and federal governments.

As far as the home mortgage interest deduction is concerned, it is an unjustifiable handout to people who need no incentive to buy a house.

I have a feeling that my response is expected on a tax post, so I hope I didn't disappoint. Paying taxes is a priviledge!!!!!!!!!

Dotti Berry said...

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