This all started as my brother and I debated whether sweetbreads are brains, as he said, or the pancreas, as I said. We decided to wikipedia the thing as that is the authoritative source for all human knowledge. It turns out that I was right, but in our searching we came across this picture . Check it out it will turn your stomach.

If that is not enough, you should check this out.

In case you want to read more about the congressman who gave us that delightful recipe, I am including a statement he placed in the congressional record. Yes, the congressional record. Are you ready for it. Its going to be good. OK, since you've been good, here it is.

Below is the full statement by Congressman Coble which appeared in the May 25 edition of the Congressional Record:
“Mr. Speaker, in the biggest electoral debate since the Bush-Gore presidential election in Florida in 2000, people are still talking about the selection of this year’s American Idol from the television program with the same name. With no disrespect intended toward this year’s winner, Taylor Hicks, most people think this year’s American Idol should have been Chris Daughtry of McLeansville, North Carolina.
I will admit, Mr. Speaker, that I am extremely biased in this debate because Chris Daughtry is a resident of the Sixth District of North Carolina. And it would have been the second time that a town in the Sixth District produced the winning Idol, since previous winner, Fantasia, hailed from High Point, North Carolina. That being said, most online polls, fan blogs, numerous web sites, and general talk about town all hailed Chris Daughtry as the next American Idol.
Most people know that my musical tastes run more towards traditional bluegrass music, so I am not a good judge of what is hot in the rock and pop music scenes. But I do know politics, and from everything I could learn, Chris Daughtry appeared to be the fan favorite. While I will not call for Congress to investigate this Idol election process, those of us who reside in the Sixth District of North Carolina will always be convinced that our guy really won – sort of like fans of Al Gore in 2000.
Oh well, we are proud to say that we are the home of the real American Idol, Chris Daughtry of McLeansville, North Carolina.”


permathreeseat said...

Sweetbreads themselves can also turn your stomach. They're kind of a dull grey blog of squishy grossness. And they don't really have much taste. I wouldn't recommend them.

Nell said...

Who knew that Pork Brains had so much cholestoral... you learn something every day.