Congress Cooks

So I have had a good time since the last post looking at other congressional recipes. Here is the recipe from Congressman Chris Cannon. Some of you may know that I worked for this congressman for one day on a reelection campaign. But since he is a republican running in Provo Utah, not much of a challenge.

For another piece of Cannon trivia, here is his blog. It appears that he has realized that his district contains BYU campus and so he needs to get on the YouTube bandwagon.

And just for fun, this page for people who really dont like him. I dont know where I stand on this issue, but I know I am antifanatical, so dont like these guys much.

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permathreeseat said...

How do you feel about the Senate's own version of navy bean soup that is on the menu in the Senate restaurant every day? I believe it is the only thing that you can get there every day.