Fun Interview

So this morning I went to an interview for a job. The entire interview consisted of the interviewer asking me a series of hypotheticals to see how I would handle different situations. A jailhouse lawyer... What do you do? An expert witness... What do you do? It was quite an enjoyable interview. Easily beating the usual, you clerk for judge so and so, tell me about that. Those ones suck.


permathreeseat said...

Congrats on your interview.

Interviews that suck even more than "You had a job. Tell me about it." are when they schedule the interview and then the day before they call you back to say that they're cancelling because they person they already offered the job to has accepted it. If they're already made an offer to someone, why are they scheduling more interviews right then? Wait a few days to see if the person accepts before calling more people.

Fishfrog said...

The worst question I ever had was only bad because I was totally unprepared for it: "Tell me about yourself." I mean, it's like the question that everyone tells you to expect and prepare for, but I had no idea what to say. I ended up talking about how much alcohol I could drink and still drive safely. He seemed impressed.