100th Post

So that is kind of deceiving because the original arfanser had 150 or so, but on this iteration this is number 100 so I was waiting for something big.

I got my admission ticket to the bar today finally. They mailed them yesterday so its not like i was waiting a long time. I dont remember the last time that i read 6 pages of instructions where every other line contained some form of the sentence, "FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS RULE WILL RESULT IN YOUR NOT BEING PERMITTED TO TAKE THE EXAM. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS." OK, so that is two sentences but you get the idea. It makes me wonder if I really forget to take the pillow case off of my pillow that I bring with me I wont be able to take the test. Even if I take it off right then?

The other part I really liked was the beginning where it explained that the test would happen at this location and time regardless of inclement weather or disaster. This being Colorado it is not unheard of to have a blizzard in the middle of July. It wont be cold, but we could have three feet of snow. I am just imagining some terrorist deciding to nuke NORAD on that day and having a blizzard as well, but the bar examiners will be starting the test at exactly 8:20.

While I have one barbri class left, I think it is safe for me to give you all my favorite quote from all of the barbri lectures. Charlie Whitebread, crim law prof from USC, "Can you really think that there will be a beastiality question on the bar? I like to lay in bed at night and think about what that question would say. Some poor animal running around squeaking with some guy chasing it around with his pants around his ankles." This was followed by him acting this out. Both parts. Luckily his pants did stay on though.

Finally, I got my practice MBE today. It was much more helpful than I originally thought. I missed about the same number on all six subjects so I figured that to improve I was just going to have to study everything again. Luckily it turns out there are areas in each of the subjects that I can study and others I did fine.

All in all I am getting pretty excited that this thing is so close to being done.


Nell said...

Good Luck!! I don't envy you, but I know all you guys are going to do great.

permathreeseat said...

Oh Charlie Whitebread of USC law school. We had him too. You probably got fewer stories about growing up in Bethesda than we did. But did he refer to you collectively as "Coloradans"?

arfanser said...

constantly. We kept waiting for him to forget what state he was in, but it never happened.

warm fuzzy said...

a foot of snow in july? Really? That is bonkers. BONKERS, I say! Good luck on the exam. I'm sure you'll do great, but I wouldn't take any chances with the pillow case!