Yeah Warren Buffett

So Warren Buffett donated 30 Billion dollars to charity, and in so doing became the most effective response to the people who argue we need to raise taxes to help poor people because the rich won't donate of their own volition.

As a side note, if that money had been taxed away from Mr. Buffett, the great majority would not have gone to help poor people.


scarlet panda said...

Warren Buffett is a good guy, though he may not have much faith that his fellow rich people will be as generous. He's consistently been one of the biggest supporters of higher taxes for the wealthy, in part to lower the tax burden on the poor. He's also a big proponent of the estate tax.

Fishfrog said...

Arnold Schwartzenegger had Warren Buffet come and speak at an event when Arnold was running for governor during the recall. Arnold had been saying for months that he could fix the state's financial woes without raising taxes. Buffet got up to the mike and said that the only way to balance CA's budget was to raise taxes. Arnold had to get up and reassure the crowd that he would not raise taxes.

I love Buffet. One of the greatest business minds of his generation and a staunch supporter of higher taxes on the wealthy.