I'm back

So if you just randomly came to my blog you will not know or care what the rest of this is about. If you meant to come, welcome back. I had decided to take a break from the blog because I was reaching a point where I no longer cared what anyone else thought, and the more I wrote the more convinced I became in my own "rightness." Now don't get me wrong, I am still right, but I feel that I am again at a place where I want to hear what others think.

Now for the dramatic part. When I told Squishy that I was going to restart the blog she told me it was too bad I had deleted it. For those of you who are now feeling the same way, I just want you to know that it had to be done. If I hadn't deleted it I would have felt compelled to start again too soon. So now it begins again fresh.

About a month ago, I had two weeks where I went running with matt, and it was a good time to talk with one of my friends about school, life, etc. I also get to ride to work every day with ella. But other than that I haven't seen or talked to anyone basically since school got out.


Squishy Burrito said...

Anyone? I find that hard to believe. Didn't we just have a conversation where I said you were funny with a little "f"? Or, am I talking to myself again?

Squishy Burrito said...

oh yeah, welcome back.

scarlet panda said...

Welcome back! I also feel like I talk to no one. We should really get together for a chat. But not while running.

warm fuzzy said...

who-hoo! Welcome back!