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Books I finished in the last little while, but not really deserving of their own post.
the world according to garp
the spy who came in from the cold


Matt said...

Did you like Watchmen?

CV said...

That is a very interesting question. I thought it was a great plot. I thought that the art added a lot to the story. I thought that there were a lot of interesting aspects to the book that made me ponder morality. But there was no character development. I feel like it is an inherent flaw in the graphic novel genre that it is much more difficult to make a reader care about a character. As an example, when Rorschach is killed it was one of the most psychologically compelling parts of the book. But I didn’t care that he was dead. Whether he lived or died was important to what Moore was trying to say with the book, but I didn’t care one way or the other. So the short answer I think is yes I liked it, but I won’t buy it and I probably won’t read it again.

CV said...

I admit that a lot of that has to do with the type of book I like. All of my favorite books have a character that i like and relate to, and so that is something i like in a book.