strange case of dr jekyll and mr hyde

this was a fun quick read. i especially liked seeing how popular culture took the idea behind the story and changed it to fit their wants. the real story is more of a commentary on basic human nature than a monster story (though one interpretation is that there is a little monster in each of us). frankly stevinson is not ever an easy read, but i liked the book.


Scarlet Panda said...

So, are you reading a whole book every day, or are you doing some catch-up blogging here? I'm starting to feel inadequate. All I've done in the last three days is watch Trading Spouses reruns. Not that Trading Spouses is not edifying and thought-provoking.

arfanser said...

these last two have been short, and i only finished them because cyn keeps going to sleep around 8 so i cant keep watching pushing daisies