I voted today. I managed to get through it without this mystical Bradley effect getting me, which according to the major news sources is quite an accomplishment for a white guy.


permathreeseat said...

I don't really understand why the media keeps going on about it either (other than their need to fill their 24 hours of air time), since white people are clearly able to vote for a black candidate. And maybe the media should recognize that the election the demonstrated the "Bradley Effect" was in 1982 (ie the youngest voters were born in 1964, so the vast majority of the voting pool had grown up in a segregated world where they weren't used to seeing black people in positions of power or authority), and that it's possible that in the last 26 years the majority of Americans have become more accustomed to black people being leaders in various endeavors and, as such, don't have any problems with a black president.

Scarlet Panda said...

Well, sure, that's what you say on your blog. But I'm sure what you actually did in the privacy of the voting booth was a different story, white guy.

What I don't get about the Bradley effect is, if you're voting for McCain, how hard is it to tell some phone pollster that? It's not like they know you. And even I will acknowledge that there are legitimate, non-racist reasons to vote for McCain.