I am voting Democrat (Maybe)

So throughout my life I have voted for very few democrats. This is not necessarily because I am republican, but because since I came of age to vote, this country's politics have revolved basically around abortion and gay marriage. since I am closer in view to the republican side of these issues (though by no means 100% on board with their crap). However, for the last 4-5 years I have been a big fan of Barack Obama. The more I have found out about him, the more I like what I hear.

1- He thinks through problems and then comes up with complex answers to complex problems. I am sick of rhetoric that tells us nothing, let alone how a person will handle the responsibilities of the office.

2- He believes that we can make a better world, not just protect ourselves in a crappy one. He thinks that things can get better and tells us that.

3- He calls it as he sees it, regardless of what the party line is.

I do not see this election as war v. no war or even about the issues at all, I see this election as a question of do we as a nation have the guts to still hope for something better. I want to, and there is only one candidate in any party that gives me that option. So I hope that those who vote in the Democratic Primary to give me a chance to vote for a Democrat and hope.

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Scarlet Panda said...

I really like Obama too--I feel like he's the kind of guy who could actually "lead" people--bring people of disparate opinions and backgrounds together, convince us that we have a positive common goal, persuade us that it's worth working toward, and help us figure out how to do it.

I fear he doesn't have the momentum of a certain other candidate who, though I like her for other reasons, does not appear to share that quality. But it's early yet, so who knows.