Bar Results

University of Colorado passed 95%
University of Denver passed 72%

Yet a lot of people think that DU is for intellectuals


Fishfrog said...

You seem to have a bone to pick with DU grads. What's the deal?

arfanser said...

I just dont like how they run the law in this state. Their grads think they are all that, and some of them are, but by and large I dont think they are all that great.

Fishfrog said...

I remember when I was applying to law schools, my dad told me that just about all the attorneys he worked with were DU grads. I don't have the personal experience you have with their arrogance, but it seems to follow from what I have previously heard. That's the problem with having only one other law school in the state, and CU only pumps out 150-200 per year.