Half way done

Two finals done, two left. Now the struggle is just to keep studying.


Abby Neet said...

Okay so I am the 15 yr old girl that "odds n ends" was ranting about. She also said you had written a blog about her, I am interested in what that said. I cant find it in your archives since they only date back to July. I hope you have it if possible. I hope you even remember what I am talking about. If you do find it could you repost it?
You seem like a smart person.

Arfanser said...

Im sorry, but I have no idea what you are talking about. If you could give me some details that would help, but I dont even know who "odds n ends" is. If you can put links in your comments that will jog my memory I will do my best.

Abby Neet said...

Okay sorry.

heres what you commented on

Dex said...

See the post Dear Abby Neet for my comment. This is what gets people talking.

Anonymous said...

once again... please delete this... it has my name on it, and i dont want to find this on google.

Anonymous said...

how about a thanks for deleting the last one. if you dont want your name out there, don't put it out there and then expect people to clean up your mess.