Lets see if this works

Maybe you remember the game in which you are stranded on a desert island and can only take one book, one cd and one person. This is kind of like that. But with a twist. I want you to tell me one book, one cd, one person and one food that you think I would take on the island. Whoever presents what is in my opinion the best combination will win. So if you happen to get exactly the book I would take, but then pick as the person nick lache, you will probably lose. You have until tomorrow when I first look at my blog, probably around 9 or 10. Winner gets ... a surprise.


Fishfrog said...

Book: Catch 22
CD: Kelly Clarkson, "Breakaway"
Person: Squishy Burrito
Food: Key Lime Pie

Can we do more than one entry?

Arfanser said...

yes, you can do more than one entry, and I realized that squishy is too easy an answer so we are excluding family from the answer

Fishfrog said...

I thought that might be the case.

Book: Book of Mormon
CD: Avril Lavigne, "Under My Skin"
Person: William Jefferson Clinton
Food: Bratwursts

Squishy Burrito said...

book: Catch 22
cd: Linkin Park
person: brother "m"
food: pizza

Anonymous said...

no family squishy

Fishfrog said...

Book: American Heritage Dictionary
CD: Billy Joel's Greatest Hits
Person: Jerry Falwell
Food: Kiwi

Squishy Burrito said...

oh, arfanser told me I was elimanated and I didn't read his response. That's what I get for communicating with my spouse in person and not on the internet. :)

I'll change it to...Johny Deppp

Arfanser said...

So the actual answers would be

Book: Catch-22
CD: Vivaldi Four seasons
Person: Barak Obama
Food: Oranges

These arent necessarily my favorites, but if I was stuck on an island it is what I would want with me. Fishfrog wins. Your prize is a package of popsicles. Let me know what your favotie kind is and I will get them for you, heck I'll even deliver them when I return some of your stuff that I already have.

Fishfrog said...

Yay!! I win! I know Arf better than his own wife!!! Yeah!!

I'm undecided about the popsicle I would prefer, so why don't you suprise me.

It was also unknown to me that you have any of my stuff. Did I lend you video games or something?